We Can Process These Materials In Our Production:

  • Paper And Cardboard

    From 40 gsm up to 800 gsm and up to 1 mm thick carton

    Our packaging offer is the most comprehensive in the country, if not in whole the whole of Europe. Starting from blank, unprinted cartons, going through all the types of paper and think carton packaging, and finishing off with 5 types of print - flexo, offset, screen, digital and rotogravure, we cover the full range of packaging requirements when it comes to this type of material. Furthermore, we complete our offer with all types of finishing possible - folding of all kinds, windows, hot foil stamping, personalization with bar codes, laminations, coating, and so we can keep on and on. We offer for registered customers catalogue for information on all the types of boxes we can produce, in addition to all the types of packaging listed there. Additionally, we partner with packaging producers of products we can't manufacture, so we can offer their products to the customers we already have established long term relationships with. Normally we even transfer orders to companies that are more competitive than us in certain types of boxes so we can serve the customer at the most competitive prices possible.

  • Plastic Materials Processing

    Plastic films from 10 microns up to 500 microns of all types

    Plastic as a new material coming up in the field of packaging is wide used these days for bags, flexible packaging, water-resistant and tear resistant surfaces and others. Thus we have introduced it in converting, printing and finishing in the company, in all of its forms for food, parts, drinks, bottles and other types of packaging. As a rule, printed in the flexo process, plastic packaging is more suitable for longer runs as the preparations are more expensive, but at the same time is more versatile as a material, widely available, cheaper and easier to deliver than paper. However as the material is based on oil prices, it tends to have more unstable prices and is more difficult to process than paper. However, because of its flexibility is preferred for specific applications such as courier bags and food packaging.We use it mostly for different type of packaging boxes, pads and tags, labels, plastic bags, folders and pockets that we can deliver with print and customised to specific needs for automated reel-packing and labelling machines in the food and cosmetics industry.

  • Corrugated Materials

    Paper and plastic corrugated E, B, C flute and combinations up to 12 mm thick

    Corrugated board is a packaging material, which is used to create packaging with different characteristics and performances to protect and promote products. Contrary to common stereotype in packaging, Corrugated packaging is a versatile, economic, light, robust, recyclable, practical and yet dynamic form of packaging. There is much more to corrugated than just a box. Daily it is providing global solutions and benefits for all sorts of applications in all spheres of daily life and thus we have decided to offer it as material for packaging to companies. We can process all types of corrugated materials, in runs from 100 pieces up to 1 million boxes. We also offer laminated corrugated materials for food purposes that can be printed off line up to 3 colours by the flexo graphic technology. And last in this category we include the stands and displays made of corrugated materials that serve for supermarket storage and shelving of different types of products. We use this material also for large pizza boxes and wine boxes as it is stiff and durable.