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Our network of companies and websites

Because of the wide area of packaging production we do and our huge experience, we have divided the company in different areas so we can serve customers more efficiently.

First, on the left we have the corporate information website with general informations, values, responsibility and long term development plans for the company.

Second we have the 3 product information platforms for packaging, envelopes and filing items respectively that we use as product information and ordering platform in English.

Then on the 5th line we have the product information and ordering platform for the Bulgarian market for all our products, only in Bulgarian language.

And the last section is companies we work with in partnership for raw materials, machinery and supplies to our main activities.

In case you can offer us some new raw materials for packaging such as paper 30-170 gsm, cardboards GC and GD grade from 220-800 gsm and plastic films for food contact you can write us in the contact form at the bottom of the website with information and contact details.