Advantages and Core Competences

About Our Competences

As a mid sized company we try to specialise in areas that we have competitive advantages ahead of the others we so we can stay competitive on the integrated European market. Therefore as a key advantage of the company we consider our flexibility and market knowledge of the areas we operate in. On one side we are manufacturing company, producing all types of packaging for the market in South Eastern Europe, on the other we are very export oriented with products we have competitive advantages with, due to labour costs, transport costs or customer relationships. Additionally, we represent companies from the EU, Turkey and Asia on the local market with specific products that we are not competitive but we still like to cover, thus having a comprehensive offer.

What's more, staying away from the traditional manufacturing-based perspective, lately we try to approach orders from a project-based perspective where we can offer not just a product, but rather a solution instead so we can save money to our customers. This way we offer all types of packaging materials and sizes so we adjust our processes to customer demands, not the other way around.

Target Customer Groups:

As we pride ourselves with our customers and partners, we always keep our promise to use the most efficient production methods to the benefits of the companies who entrusted us. Traditionally, our customers are divided in the following categories:

- Food Producers

- Financial institutions

- Mailing companies and posts

- Printing houses

- Advertising agencies

- Government agencies and ministries

- Confectionery and pastry shops

- Jewellery shops and luxury brands

- Pharmaceutical producers

- Tea, herbs and grain companies

- Office supplies and stationery chains

- Manufacturers of parts, household items and appliances

- Producers of medical supplies

- Retailers

As we have specific solutions for these categories of businesses, we can solve any additional questions arising, within our three main areas of competence. For additional information, please write us an email at

Sales areas and products where we are most competitive on the market

  • Flexible and plastic packaging in reels
  • Labels and other standard products
  • Long run standard unprinted packaging - envelopes, carton boxes, paper bags
  • Paper cups and trays in medium to long runs
  • Labels and other standard products in medium to long runs
  • Folders, binders and lever arch files in all quantities
  • Short runs of boxes, sacks and other industrial packaging
  • Short to medium runs of envelopes and paper bags
  • Short to medium runs of custom printed specialities

Latest Work