Do you give prices with delivery?

Yes we always give prices DDU, delivered to your door. On a pallet or a transport box, packed and labelled.

What about your environmental policy?

Care for the environment, particularly through recycling, production efficiency and environmentally friendly design of products and production facilities has long been central to Polycart operational and social policy. We have worked hard to build a strong work culture of environmental awareness throughout the company and have implemented a range of environmentally sympathetic initiatives, backed up by independent certifications: ISO14001 certification - March 2011 FSC Chain of Custody certification June 2012 Besides the certifications of quality and ethical practices, Polycart is also a signatory of the National Packaging Contract Agreement. Additionally, we work with recycling organizations, such as EkoBulPack, Repack and others to mark all the products with signs for appropriate disposal and re-manufacturing.

Positive environmental initiatives include:

- Investing in environmentally oriented printing technology including waterless printing.

- Actively encouraging the use of sustainable materials when purchasing materials for customers, always asking for the origins of the procured raw materials.

- Using only Pergamin (made of degradable paper fibres) for the window material of boxes and envelopes.

- Requesting FSC proof that the cellulose is coming from forests with registered origin.

- Recycling all reusable materials, including 100 % of the paper, 90 % of the foils.

- Maximising production efficiency to reduce energy usage and material wastage.

- Designing products to have less environmental impact, including a full range of envelopes and folders made of recycled papers.

Looking ahead

Polycart has been investing heavily in environmental care since its restructuring. We now have the infrastructure in place to quickly adopt any new low impact technology and will continue to do so, to ensure that we remain at the leading edge of environmentally sympathetic package manufacturing, which we believe will be appreciated by our partners.

Examples of day-to-day practices we have implemented:

Internally, Polycart has gone a long way to minimise the impact on the environment. Some of these initiatives include:

- Waterless printing - our new waterless printing press uses a silicone surface printing plate to repel inks rather than a dampening solution, and therefore requires no water. The print quality is higher and less paper is used in the initial set up.

- CTP - All the printing we do is with CTP technology. This assists in reducing the impact on the environment by eliminating the use of film and the chemicals required to produce film. Waste management - Recyclable waste includes cartonboard, plastic, pallets, rags, ink tins, drums, oil and metal. All liquid waste is taken off-site for treatment and disposal at Polycart's expense. All the paper waste we deliver ourselves to a recycling paper manufacturer in Gara Iskar, Sofia.

- Work culture - Polycart's position on recycling and the environment is introduced in new staff at induction and ongoing internal group discussions are held to determine potential problem areas and how they can be improved.

- Choice of Purchasing and material substitution - Polycart partners with customers to encourage the use of sustainable carton stock and currently around 90% of suppliers of board and envelope paper are FSC certified. Ongoing print jobs are reviewed to look for ways of reducing the environmental impact, by substituting existing materials for new cartonboards with improved environmental qualities. Replacing traditional solvent based inks with vegetable based Eco Inks is another way in which we are minimising the environmental impact.

- Maximising efficiency and improved design - A more efficient production process can help reduce material and energy wastage. Careful design will help streamline the production process and designing a product to maximise logistics and the use of lighter but stronger materials can result in transportation savings. Designing products that are re-usable and / or recyclable is an effective way to help reduce landfills.

- And last but not least, we try to avoid buying paper and cardboard from Asia and South America, where as a rule, paper prices are more competitive just because of illegal deforestation. We believe that business is more than just high profit margins.

Can you make samples of what we will get?

Yes, depending on order quantity and condition we charge separatelly for samples or include the cost in the final price.

We need fast delivery, what is lead time normally?

We deliver most orders in 2-3 weeks time for all countries in Europe, for Bulgaria and the region delivery is in about a week

Can we negotiate already offered prices

Yes, we can always offer a way to lower the prices, either by offering materials we have on stock or other means of transport

What requirements do you have for artwork?

It is always best to provide a .PDF file with the artwork the way you want it and additionally a .PSD, .AI or .EPS file so we can modify the design to fit the tools and check for errors

Do you provide proof before printing?

Depending on order volume and details we can provide a printing proof, for small order we charge 20-30 EUR depending on size.

Can we organize our own transport?

Yes, you can make an arrangement so you can organize transport from our warehouse with the company you work with.

What currency do you give prices in?

Normally we work with EURO based prices as the materials we use are in it, of course we can offer prices in any currency but with short validity as there are fluctuations in the exchange rates.

Can we sign a long term contract for deliveries so we can get lower prices?

Yes, we work with a few companies that have signed a contract and they get a percent of the turnover as discount in the end of each year.

Do you have a catalog with samples materials?

Well, as the packaging business is very diverse, normally we work on customer specifications so we can procure any material. However we keep the most commonly used materils such as uncoated papers, cardboard GD and GC grade, PET and BOPP films on stock.

Do you provide insurance for faulty products and delays in transport

Yes, we have insured our orders with a international factoring and insurance company, however in case of faulty products you need to return the order in full, in case of transport delays you need to mark this on the transport form upon delivery.